Jarrone Gde 106cm x 58cm dia


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Sculptural Art – Beautiful Inside or Out.

How to care for your Handmade Clay Pot:

Your pot is made by hand in Mexico.
It is made in a mold, let to dry so that it can be handled, then put in a wood fire kiln where it is baked.
Once it is “fired it is then finished with the clay-based paint they use to paint their houses.
It is not glazed.
Once the Pot is painted, it is sealed with a Polyurethane.
To keep the finish intact it is advisable to respray it with a matt polyurethane available in spray cans.
If you do not reseal (annually – before the rainy season) then you can expect your pot to “Age” gracefully.
If you wish to plant in your pot then first spray/ paint the inside with a Terracotta sealer.
If placing the pot outdoors it is always good to lift the pot off the ground with terracotta feet or a pot stand so the bottom dries easily.
Never move your pot when it is wet. Only ever move it if it is completely dry.

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